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What is a consignment with Time Keeper?

A consignment is when you leave your watch with a retailer like Time Keeper Boutique, so we’re able to help you find potential buyers and take a portion of the sale as commission. 

Why is this advantageous?

Our consignment increases your chances of finding someone willing to pay for your price as well as your pool of potential buyers. As we are a retailer, we will help you value the price of a watch based on the market trends. This might be something you might find difficult when selling the timepiece on your own. 

How do I consign my watch?

State the following as a formal agreement that sets the terms of your consignment. Please include: - Minimum selling price- Our commission rate- Mode of payment- When you will be paid- What happens if we are not able to sell your watch- Additional administrative fees

Have any questions?

Call 0416 888 838 to speak directly to our watch specialists about selling, consigning or trading your watch.