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Finance and Insurance

TLC – fund all jewellery costs and any related fees

Payment plans from $2,000 to $50,000

No stress – the whole process is managed privately by our Consultants

Flexible options – any additional repayments can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge

Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online

Time Keeper Boutique is proud to offer the Total Lifestyle Credit plan to support purchasing Swiss luxury watches. At Time Keeper Boutique, we take pride in being your one stop shop for luxury timepieces, and we make your payment process easier by offering a range of payment plans. Our Total Lifestyle Credit finance option allows you to buy exclusive luxury watches without having to wait or stress about buying a new watch.

Why choose Total Lifestyle Credit? If you have enough money to pay for your timepiece upfront, we encourage you to pay in full. However when it comes to purchasing a luxury watch, and considering all payment options, financing is an ideal alternative. You can buy a watch now and pay for the item over a set period of time with manageable payments. As our watches are exclusive and unique, you will not be able to find our collection from other sellers. Take advantage of our financing options to purchase your luxury piece.

How TLC works Financing a luxury watch with Time Keeper Boutique is a seamless process and there are a number of ways to make payments with us. To make a payment, use your preferred financing method.

Time Keeper Total Lifestyle Credit Terms & Conditions:

Speak to TLC direct for a quote based on your personal circumstances and for the full terms and conditions. A full credit and financial assessment would need to be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.